Medi(@)Slave - spoilers ahead
#Community S04E11 - “Basic Human Anatomy” review

When Annie and Shirley learn that Leonard is actually holding the spot as the class valedictorian, they join forces to bring him down. Meanwhile, Troy and Abed reminisce about one of their favorite body switching films and when they inadvertently re-enact a critical scene, things start becoming a little funky at Greendale

The main theme of the episode is just switching bodies, ala freaky Friday. One of them is done for comic effect, the other is for a much different and selfish reason.

Firstly, the Dean ‘switching’ bodies with Jeff, there was no real rhyme of reason for it to happen, but it was funny, not only because of the mannerisms of Jeff being so defined, but also because of the way Annie swooned over him, so it seems that Annie has a type of man, and not just Jeff. Although I remember her crushing on Troy earlier in season 1, or did I imagine that? The Dean being Jeff just seemed like a reason for him to have ‘Jeff inside him’ so to speak. If he can’t have the man, then maybe he could be the man?

Next up was the Troy/Abed body switching. Its obvious that Troy had been talking to Abed off screen about his relationship with Britta, and was concerned about it. So when Troy woke up Abed pretending to be him, Abed instantly knew what to do. I’ve read people saying that the Britta/Troy relationship was forced, but lets be honest, there have been signs of it happening for a while now, and whilst the relationship didn’t go the way it was supposed to this season, like most of the season, it was an experiment, one which didn’t work. Maybe it was the shortened season, or maybe it was the writing, but the relationship just didn’t click like it felt it could have previously, so the decision was made to split them up.

Thus led us to the episode. Troy and Abed were committed, committed to ‘the bit’, it made it easier for Troy to be Abed then just to own up to his feelings, and Abed, as we know, doesn’t experience feelings the way that we do. So having Abed break up with Britta as Troy just seemed the easy way out. Britta of course thinks that this is a perfect opportunity to try and therapize not only Abed, but also find out about Troy’s feelings through Abed. Abed is a straight shooter so he will tell the truth. Britta tries her best to make Abed trip up, but Abed is committed, which is more than can be said for Troy and his and Britta’s relationship

Troy (as Abed) when talking to Jeff reveals his true feelings, he isn’t ready for a relationship and is scared of breaking up with Britta because he wants them to stay friends, something that most people who hang out in a group want. Jeff of course is able to ‘Winger’ Troy into finishing ‘the bit’ and talking to Britta as himself, and when they end, we get the hug. It’s what started their relationship or what defined them as a couple back in the previous seasons, and is a nice way for them to end it.

I’ve read review online that Donald was awesome at playing Abed, and its true, but that is more a testament to Danny Pudi who has created a character so defined by a voice, and mannerisms that its easy to ‘play’ Abed. Whereas Danny Pudi has a much harder time playing Troy, apart from one real mannerism, that being the way he puts his hand on the table, there isn’t much to play with, and Danny is left having to pretty much just do ‘black voice’. Either way this was probably the best episode in the season, and its down to Jim Rash’s writing. Its also probably the best ‘concept’ episode of the season, and one didn’t let the concept own the episode, but used the concept in order to bring forward a great story.